Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Butterfly Kiss

Your butterfly lips have affected me
Effecting me infectiously
The fatality in your kiss
Making me blush crimson across my swollen cheeks
I crawl battle ground style
Away from your landmine touch

Leaving my own finger tips tender
Joints crippled
Your tainted marks along my body
To remind me that you never left
Result of your elegant dismay of affection

You took my breath away


It’s hard to breathe
When you’ve kept the mechanisms of my body
Clutched in the palms of your greedy hands
Suave as a cigarette
You held me between your fingers
Showing the world
What misery looks like in the face of Death

I lay there
Open as a wound
Festering my soothing consolation
Staring at a blank wall
Mindlessly lost
In how mindlessly I could stare into a blank wall
While legal poisons
Use a form of assassination
Creeping through my veins
Already bruised
From sedative flavored needles
Soaking it all in

Your looming presence
Forever oppressing my delicacy
As they tell me it’s alright
To be weak
This is just another scene in your one act trickery

Deception lingering on your perfume
Intoxicating precious oxygen that engulfs my lungs
Leaving me unable to hold onto reality

Barely scraping by
Embedded claw marks from desperate finger nails
On the edge of Life’s doorway
Proof that my semi-comatose self refused to let you win

You, with your harmful, blatant gaze
You, with your murderous smile
Stretched across your wingspan
While you present yourself
As a butterfly with the blood of a wolf
Delicately stalking
Your attack only a forewarning
Endless vicious cycles