Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Apology

He enters the room 
As tension fills the air
Smothering my lungs
Into complete deterioration
Until I swear

I can feel my heart cease
The hands of the clock begin to slow
So leisurely
While I wait to breathe a sigh of relief
His authority cages my sense of being
And I long to escape
Because I am nothing here
I desire firm resolve
But will he care to hear me?
Feel my love though respect is shallow
Only respect can be earned in due time
Yet time has vanished
The chance is lost
Now who’s at fault where pure honesty pleads?
My apology is genuine
Yet, you won’t accept
As I am human
Full of lies
So where do we go from this point?
Relationships shattering
Like frail windows of abandoned temples
Once untainted
Now broken

As pressure builds
Within this “home”
Assumed hatred exposes itself
But truth

Is settled within my soul
There exists no hate
Only frustration
That festers every ounce of me
Driving me to become despicable
At the sight of myself
I feel pathetic
In which a thanks is in order
Now I will forgive
And ask for help
Where change in one’s self initially presents

But like a cycle of birth and death
You persist to behave in that manner
Believing destruction and ignorance will conquer
As affectively as a bulldozer to a feeble shack  
And, yes, I am the shack
Embodied with weakness, deficiency and shame
Containing nothing but insignificance
In which you have compelled me to become
So I stand here and I watch
So helplessly
While our precious dwelling is demolished
One wretched morsal at a time
Because stopping you would be a waste of energy
Your character has become the very definition of stubborn jackass
But why must you obliterate the bonds in your life
Relationships infused with a love misunderstood
Which you selfishly throw away
Because your blindness prevents you from seeing
What I’m worth and the person I have turned out to be
Growing up to find my perspective precisely as yours
So hold me in your heart just as you did when you first held me in your arms
Take a long, hard look
For I will evaporate from your grasp
Like the last rain drop from a single pond
Until those blinders disentigrate from your eyes


I take these pills
In hopes that some day
These diseases will flee not only my body but my mind.
This mentality has been instilled into my head
Like an epitaph for a headstone
I take these pills
Because day by day they make me weaker
But it’s ok because the doc said I’ll be fine
Though the chemicals infused in those pills
Become the cause of my already frail bones
I take these pills
So that my body can be intoxicated
With the promise of premature goodbyes
Only to feel the sulking souls of existence
Surround my very being
Insistent upon hearing the echo
Of those half immortal, putrid lies
I take these pills
Because I’m forced to realize
That these are the precious gems that keep me breathing
So I swallow these drugs
One by one
And wash them down with my heartbroken pride
In hopes that I will soon
Very soon
Break free from this invisible chain
That pins me down like a thousand knives
As I anticipate
My imposter’s course of action to incarcerate my brain
And as I wait
Every day
For some new symptom to arise
I mask my pain with a smile
And tell myself there is no room for sorrow
But I’m not allowed to wear that smile for long
Before fate appears behind a disguise
In which I am told to refrain myself from hoping for tomorrow
And sometimes I agree
And lower my head in defeat
Not wanting to live this agonizing life
Oh, but don’t you worry
Because sometimes fate can be a scheming bullshitter
And sometimes instead of agreeing I decide to fight
Until this illness
That attempts to debilitate me
No longer makes me bitter
So I’ll proceed to battle this
Accepting that my days will be filled with lows and highs
And I’ll stubbornly refuse to let these ailments get me down
Because I want my wounds to be healed
By my persistent motivated drive
So that I can wear my scars
With the same pride as wearing a graduation gown
I have excelled to a new level of hope and sense of relief
Because now I know the meaning to my existence
Which I am determined to strive
With a new hope in love and faith to extend my new belief
That I am a luscious lavender lupus butterfly
Spreading my wings to the skies

Friday, September 16, 2011


We go through life
Like a text book of small print
Flipping the pages with swiftness just to get to the end
Bored by our daily rituals of saying ‘I love you’
With lost meaning
Because expectations for tomorrows have left us ungrateful
While each day passes
Taking a piece of our memories with it
Until we forget
That the distance of life can only run so far
Because life itself will stop short and lose its breath
Just as easily as never imagining it could

Then the unimaginable happens

Shocking us with a blow
That comes up from behind with a bat
Striking us in the back of our hearts
Just like we’ve always deserved
Causing the memories that time has stolen
To ignite in our consciousness
Burning a hole into our membranes
As the pain of realization inflames our thoughts
With a wake up call
So loud and unexpected that it rings into our ears like a constant echo
Playing over
And over
And over
On the classic vinyl subliminally attached to our intellect

Finding that tenderness
Will not subside so quickly
When tragedy forgets to warn us
Causing heartache
Only the Lord’s precious time can mend
One stitch after another
Because the open wounds of loss
Has a predisposition of possessing stubborn attributes
Connecting with what the mind wants
Compared to what the heart and soul need

So when the suffering of broken hearts and misunderstanding is present
Duties of humanity should not only be displayed
But should be offered forever
Until a mother’s heart no longer breaks with fragile memories
And a father’s soul is innovatively pieced together
Until he stands as tall as a Roman statue

But reality
Sets in so comfortably
While it kicks its feet up with hands behind its head
Watching our disturbance on a television screen
Corrupted with the calamity of destruction
Because coming to terms with God’s plan
Is the most difficult concept of life He has to offer
Giving up a life unwillingly
Without the reassurance of knowing why
But we know how we tend to lose faith
As we raise our hands to the skies
Screaming for answers
Wondering how a valued spirit could be taken
So early in his youthful prime

But truth
Is what holds the key of freedom
From the chains that keep us from comprehending
That 4,745 days of his being was not cut short by the scissors of life and death
But that his numbered days will continue to expand into eternity
While he watches us
Side by side with the Lord
In a paradise he would never had envisioned
Hoping the world will open their eyes
To the delicate beauty of existence

Because God
Would never have taken an innocent soul without reason
So let us not settle down
With just the facts of losing another one to misfortune
But let us recognize
His task of bringing value to what we have to hold on to
So we
As a society
Must now refuse to go back to just flipping through the pages
Because his life was too valuable
To just let him go

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drink me in
Precisely like the first time
You tasted vodka between your lips
With caution
I am not worth being reckless with
Consume every portion of my personality
Take it down smooth
With a chaser
Because you might not be able to handle
My bitter tendencies
I’ve been known to acquire
But don’t let that stop you
Take that risk
Taste it
Let it settle on your tongue
Until you can understand every part of me
Like the back of your hand
I don’t want to be your poison
Even though I’ve been known to be a hazard
Not only to others but to myself
But all I want to do
Is make you feel euphoric
Let my unique sensation of tenderness engulf you
Relief in all senses that I can be your escape
Take my hand
Before it’s too late
My affection is on a time schedule
But don’t swallow my warmth too early on
For I am impatient yet prudent
So sip on my qualities from a shot glass
Because I don’t like taking things too fast
Savor me
With a steady pace
Ensuing that in order for you to know who I am
You must enjoy me
Until your senses become numb with the thought of me
You’ll find I can be intoxicating
My words like passionate symphonies
Lining the walls of your veins
So that your bloodstream will be stimulated
With my voice
Instilled with sweet seductive surrender
That will travel through your heart every 60 seconds
Drowning your body in what I call withdrawals
Because at that moment  
You won’t even be able to comprehend
That I will have just stolen a sliver of space inside your conscience
Making you want to feel that drunken stupor from my presence
Every day and night
While my addictive high leisurely flees your body
I want you to feel my effects
Not only the next day but every day after that
Until you realize how good it feels to be by my side
But don’t fuck with me
Because if you take too much from me too quickly
Drinking me in with carelessness
Consequences of regret will haunt you from the middle of your core
Like alcohol poisoning
I am fragile
Like the glass bottle my emotions are encased in
So don’t drop me
Or I will shatter
Leaving razor-sharp splinters embedded into your heart
In which you will feel a stab of pain every time you inhale
So please
Just be gentle and vigilant
When you handle me

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dream Boy

The first time I saw you
It felt as though I was riding my first roller coaster
With a 108 foot drop
Straight down to the deepest places in my heart
I could not feel my body
Or sense that I even had one
I was head over heels
Tripping over carefully handpicked words
My tongue could not keep up with
Thoughts racing 7, 8, 9 steps ahead
Of what my brain could not yet process
You were nothing but a dream boy
Because that’s the only time I could visualize
Still framed photographs
The dye of black and white reminiscent cinemas
Staining the back of my irises
With you
Embracing me close to your body
Like I was the last thing you had left in this world
Like I would fly away
If you let the slightest bit of atmosphere come between us
But you were only a dream boy
A person I could befriend in reality
And a person I could love in my night time delusions of impracticality
I only let myself get close enough
To listen to you vent about your frustrations
Of life
But I comforted you with genuine words
In which I hid the key to their authentic meanings
Locking my feelings behind a black painted wooden door
Hearing them banging with brutal fists
Desperately yearning an escape
Because all I really wanted was to tell you
That I am an actress
Pretending to be the best friend you’ve ever had
Understanding your every meticulous dissatisfaction
So that I may be that much closer to your heart
That beats
Every time mine skips one
When I think about possibilities
Of what it could’ve been like if fate had aligned our stars together
Just for one solitary moment
And I wonder if it could have been just as magical
As combining my childhood enchanted story book fairy tales with Disneyland
Because not only were you something I knew would never be real
But you were also my happiest place on earth
Making me feel like the word “us” could be just as easy as riding a bike
Bringing joy to my fervent mind
Until reality sneaks up from behind and drags me out
Clawing the floor boards
All because I was this close to that favored part in my constant reverie
Where you would look at me
So deep into my eyes
That you would be able to see every detail of you and me
Etched into my irises
If only
You were anything but a dream boy