Thursday, November 17, 2011


Her eyes
Are like rusted bullet holes
Rooted in a concrete wall
From the guns of mafias that never get caught
Remaining silent and forgotten
But still holding memory
Of police chases and ransom notes
When you look in her eyes
It’s like witnessing
The replay of massacred secrets
Buried beneath the hard wood floors of rumors
Her mouth
Is a locked door
Concealing words
With illumination
Holding back honest secrets
Disguised as fabrication
That will never be revealed
Like that night
That night
Of intoxicated mistakes
Eating her alive
More than the world will ever understand
More than they’ll ever care to know
And her lungs
Have been set on mute
By remote controls shaped like lumberjack hands
Playing rewind
With her stifled screams
Like the numb of paralysis
Invading the core of every nerve within her body
Traveling with hindered speed
Unable to keep up with the thoughts not yet processed
With manipulation
Money can’t even buy
Her heart
Is an isolation room
Surrounded by white walls
Fluorescent lights
And signs saying
“Contact Isolation”
“Don’t touch”
Enclosed in a building for the sick
And the wounded
She is diseased
Her heart is putrid
The contagion from her guilt
Like airborne toxins
Polluting the air like secondhand smoke
Her body
Is made up of clich├ęs
Words spoken too often
Words that have lost their dazzle
Words like: perfect
Replaced with
“Don’t tell me you were raped because we all know what you did, you fucking bitch”

And she remains silent
As silent as the corner of her room
Stained with tomorrow’s desiccated blood
From the arms of a girl
Who just wants to be hugged again
Or better yet
Who wishes she was forgotten
Just like how things used to be
Her name is plastered
Onto the lips of everyone
Like flyers to the lamp posts
Of missing children
Except nobody gives a shit
Nobody wants to know
True from false
Right from wrong
Good from evil
They just want to know the stories
That look good in their minds
That taste good on their tongues
Spreading like the black smoke from wildfires
And she’s trapped
In the middle of it
Of this predicament
Of constant conundrums
That she has no control over
Because words have never been so menacing
So restraining
As a prison
Security of significance
Slipping from her trembling fingers

She is helpless
Like that night
That night of intoxicated mistakes
When he held her
Whispered sweet nothings in her ear
Like death threats
Stealing the precious foundation from her feet
With force
As her world collided upon itself
Like an apocalypse
And all of a sudden
She had never known what fear was
Before that night
But nobody listens
Nobody believes
Because she is nothing
The lies are screaming louder
Than her own thoughts
And she’s suffocating
In a pool of secrets and deception
Break the silence
Take the word “rape”
And embroider it
On the scars that line your wrists
Unlock the door to your lungs
And scream concealed revelations
Until they drown out the lies
From their ears
Until your truth
Becomes a part of their atmosphere
Freeing your mind
To speak

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