Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drink me in
Precisely like the first time
You tasted vodka between your lips
With caution
I am not worth being reckless with
Consume every portion of my personality
Take it down smooth
With a chaser
Because you might not be able to handle
My bitter tendencies
I’ve been known to acquire
But don’t let that stop you
Take that risk
Taste it
Let it settle on your tongue
Until you can understand every part of me
Like the back of your hand
I don’t want to be your poison
Even though I’ve been known to be a hazard
Not only to others but to myself
But all I want to do
Is make you feel euphoric
Let my unique sensation of tenderness engulf you
Relief in all senses that I can be your escape
Take my hand
Before it’s too late
My affection is on a time schedule
But don’t swallow my warmth too early on
For I am impatient yet prudent
So sip on my qualities from a shot glass
Because I don’t like taking things too fast
Savor me
With a steady pace
Ensuing that in order for you to know who I am
You must enjoy me
Until your senses become numb with the thought of me
You’ll find I can be intoxicating
My words like passionate symphonies
Lining the walls of your veins
So that your bloodstream will be stimulated
With my voice
Instilled with sweet seductive surrender
That will travel through your heart every 60 seconds
Drowning your body in what I call withdrawals
Because at that moment  
You won’t even be able to comprehend
That I will have just stolen a sliver of space inside your conscience
Making you want to feel that drunken stupor from my presence
Every day and night
While my addictive high leisurely flees your body
I want you to feel my effects
Not only the next day but every day after that
Until you realize how good it feels to be by my side
But don’t fuck with me
Because if you take too much from me too quickly
Drinking me in with carelessness
Consequences of regret will haunt you from the middle of your core
Like alcohol poisoning
I am fragile
Like the glass bottle my emotions are encased in
So don’t drop me
Or I will shatter
Leaving razor-sharp splinters embedded into your heart
In which you will feel a stab of pain every time you inhale
So please
Just be gentle and vigilant
When you handle me

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