Friday, September 16, 2011


We go through life
Like a text book of small print
Flipping the pages with swiftness just to get to the end
Bored by our daily rituals of saying ‘I love you’
With lost meaning
Because expectations for tomorrows have left us ungrateful
While each day passes
Taking a piece of our memories with it
Until we forget
That the distance of life can only run so far
Because life itself will stop short and lose its breath
Just as easily as never imagining it could

Then the unimaginable happens

Shocking us with a blow
That comes up from behind with a bat
Striking us in the back of our hearts
Just like we’ve always deserved
Causing the memories that time has stolen
To ignite in our consciousness
Burning a hole into our membranes
As the pain of realization inflames our thoughts
With a wake up call
So loud and unexpected that it rings into our ears like a constant echo
Playing over
And over
And over
On the classic vinyl subliminally attached to our intellect

Finding that tenderness
Will not subside so quickly
When tragedy forgets to warn us
Causing heartache
Only the Lord’s precious time can mend
One stitch after another
Because the open wounds of loss
Has a predisposition of possessing stubborn attributes
Connecting with what the mind wants
Compared to what the heart and soul need

So when the suffering of broken hearts and misunderstanding is present
Duties of humanity should not only be displayed
But should be offered forever
Until a mother’s heart no longer breaks with fragile memories
And a father’s soul is innovatively pieced together
Until he stands as tall as a Roman statue

But reality
Sets in so comfortably
While it kicks its feet up with hands behind its head
Watching our disturbance on a television screen
Corrupted with the calamity of destruction
Because coming to terms with God’s plan
Is the most difficult concept of life He has to offer
Giving up a life unwillingly
Without the reassurance of knowing why
But we know how we tend to lose faith
As we raise our hands to the skies
Screaming for answers
Wondering how a valued spirit could be taken
So early in his youthful prime

But truth
Is what holds the key of freedom
From the chains that keep us from comprehending
That 4,745 days of his being was not cut short by the scissors of life and death
But that his numbered days will continue to expand into eternity
While he watches us
Side by side with the Lord
In a paradise he would never had envisioned
Hoping the world will open their eyes
To the delicate beauty of existence

Because God
Would never have taken an innocent soul without reason
So let us not settle down
With just the facts of losing another one to misfortune
But let us recognize
His task of bringing value to what we have to hold on to
So we
As a society
Must now refuse to go back to just flipping through the pages
Because his life was too valuable
To just let him go

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